Absence of Grievances redressal mechanism in IBPS

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Absence of Grievances redressal mechanism in IBPS

My candidature has been cancelled by IBPS in PO/MT-III. At the time of interview, I could submit OBC certificate issued on 22 Mar 2013.  As per IBPS, it should be issued after 01 Apr 2013. But on completion of interview, i have sent my OBC certificate issued in Jan 2014 by post to IBPS explaining the undue delay from the taluk administration and I have confirmed that the post has been delivered to IBPS from India Post web site tracking system.  But, they have cancelled my application.  This is my first  attempt and also last attempt as I would cross all the age limit.  

At the time of taking decision to cancel the candidature, I have proved my OBC status.  Adding pain to the situation, there is no feed back mechanism or grievances redressal mechanism in the IBPS. Painfully the telephone attenders are deciding the future of candidates in IBPS by not allowing the candidate to speak to appropriate authorities in IBPS. There is reply for the emails or fax messages.  Even One can not confirm whether fax message has been received by IBPS or not.  All the queries are just turned down by the telephone attenders.  

I do not know how the Indian government has allowed this kind of things to take place.  We do have all the rights to know about the happenings inside IBPS. They are dealing with large no. of candidates and should have some kind of problem solving system in place.  It is not a British rule that we should be treated like this.  Even UPSC gives additional time for submitting the documents.  

Again all the certificates will be checked by the banks.  Then what is the problem?.  Are the banks going to allow the candidate to join without proper verification of all the certificates?  ridiculous system being followed.  In my opinion IBPS should not be allowed to conduct further examinations without have proper grievances redressal mechanism.

I do not know what the CMDs of the PSB are doing? Are you watching sir ?  Future CMDs, EDs and Zonal managers are struggling a lot and their future is decided by telephone attenders in IBPS.  This is what we expect from this great nation ?????????